7 Best Wix E-Commerce Templates to Drive Conversions

Wix is a great tool for running your e-commerce site. Picking the best Wix e-commerce template for your brand will make shoppers' experiences easier and more enjoyable.

So you’ve chosen Wix to power your e-commerce site. Great decision. 

With their intuitive drag-and-drop builder, easy inventory management, and variety of good-looking templates, Wix provides e-commerce sites with the kind of professional design and user experience that impresses online shoppers.

Now that you’ve selected Wix to host your e-commerce store, you can cross step one off your list. Step two is choosing your Wix e-commerce template.

Fortunately, you’ll have your choice of options. Wix has hundred of templates for you to choose from.

Unfortunately, that means you’ll have to pick from hundreds to find the best one for your site. 

Good news: we’ve made it easy for you. We’ve reviewed them all and decided on our top picks for Wix e-commerce templates. All of these templates are designed to help your store drive as many conversions as possible.

7 Best Wix E-Commerce Templates

The design of an e-commerce site makes a big difference in how enjoyable it is for customers to shop with you, and whether they’ll want to do it again—or just give up and go somewhere else. Here are our favorite Wix templates for e-commerce stores.

Energy Snacks Store Wix E-Commerce Template

Wix has used a fictional energy bar company “Go Bars” to show off this template’s fun design. But this template is a great choice for any e-commerce store selling a variety of products—energy bar or otherwise. 

This template puts the focus on your products. Large full-bleed heros highlight your products in a powerful way. Product photos dominate the whole design, with large thumbnails and tiny pricing (so customers get lured in by the product first, before they ever get a chance to think about the price).

Your site navigation is minimized, too, so as not to provide a distraction. Plus, you can add conversion optimizers like a Free Shipping banner at the top, and a featured coupon section. A newsletter signup form and social proof gallery live at the bottom of the template, in order to give customers who need more persuading, just the persuasion they need.


  • Integrated newsletter signup
  • Social media gallery
  • Easy to add store locator
  • Emphasis on product photography
  • Various banner sizes for free shipping, newsletter signups, and other announcements


  • Minimal room for text
  • Small footer with little room for links to category pages

Bottom Line:

If your products would benefit from heavy visuals that draw them in, this Wix template is perfect for your e-commerce store. But if you haven’t invested in quality product photography, this template will make it obvious. 

Fashion Designer Boutique Wix E-Commerce Template

Wix’s aptly-called Fashion Designer template is a perfect fit for any e-commerce site with a minimalist brand. The design of this template itself is very high-fashion, with a sleek design and room for massive editorial photos. If your e-commerce brand sells luxury products, this is the template for you. 

This template is optimized for conversions. With just a hamburger menu, and virtually no text except for the CTA buttons, there’s nothing for your visitors to do except ooh and ahh at your product photography and click the button to browse or buy.

You can add text if you want, or let the products speak for themselves. If customers want to see more, they can browse the included Instagram gallery at the bottom.


  • Minimal design
  • Instagram gallery
  • Large product photos show lots of detail from the category page
  • Can’t-miss CTA buttons 
  • Integrated newsletter signup


  • Minimal room for text
  • Small footer with little room for extra category page links

Bottom Line:

There’s no mistaking what your e-commerce site is about with this template. There’s no need to read your latest blog post or About Us page. Instead, visitors can get lost in an immersive sea of beautiful product photography. 

But with such a focus on the products, this template is best for products that are instantly recognizable, like women's apparel or cosmetics. If you need to include at least a product title to help users figure out what your product actually does, this template makes that a bit more challenging to do. 

Mobile Accessories Store Wix E-Commerce Template

If your e-commerce brand likes to have fun, look no further than this Wix template. The template uses bright pops of color to direct the visitor’s attention, with sufficient white space to make it all easy on their eyes. 

Thanks to the modular design, you can simply drag and drop to call attention to different areas, like a free shipping promotion or a gallery of your best sellers. You can create as many color boxes as you want, add a product gallery, or insert an Instagram carousel at the bottom. 

The color invites visitors to delight their visual cortex as they browse your site, but there’s still enough room for product photos. As opposed to the Fashion Designer template, the photos here are more traditional in size, and perfect for brands who need to give shoppers an idea of the product, without requiring them to zoom in on every little detail to buy in. 


  • Social media gallery
  • Integrated newsletter signup
  • Colorful, modular design
  • Multiple section formats for announcements and product promotions
  • Minimal navigation and footer


  • Less-obvious CTA buttons
  • Product gallery works better for single-item stores

Bottom Line:

This is a straightforward template that's best for newbie online store owners. The e-commerce template has all the essentials you need, with enough room for everything. Once you start to branch out into different categories of products, though, the design can get crowded quickly and make it difficult for you to elegantly highlight them all.

Home Accessories Wix E-Commerce Template

We love the Home Accessories template from Wix because it brings your product catalog front and center. Beneath an engaging hero welcoming visitors to your online store, you can display as much or as little of your product catalog as you wish—right there on the home page! 

Enable the hover effect, and you can keep the thumbnails a manageable size while letting users interact with and enlarge individual products. Beneath your product gallery, you can add some text about what makes your store and your products different.

While this template includes all the key elements for an online store, the centered alignment of the design is unique—helping differentiate your store to online shoppers from the dozens of others they’ve seen.

There’s also an included Contact Me section at the bottom, perfect for e-commerce sites that accept personalized or custom orders. As an added bonus, the footer includes an anchor link that takes you back up to the top, so customers can get back to shopping.


  • Room for text to optimize your site for search engines
  • Unique centered design
  • Minimal focus on product pricing
  • Home page shopping gallery
  • Contact form


  • No standalone CTA buttons, users must click on the image to purchase
  • No social media gallery

Bottom Line:

This template takes a fresh approach to the standard e-commerce site. If standing out from the pack is important to you, this is the e-commerce template for you.

Poster Shop Wix E-Commerce Template

Want to go a little off-kilter? Stand out with an asymmetrical layout. These layouts are fresh and unexpected to online shoppers, intriguing them to explore more and scroll further down the page. The hero in this e-commerce template is actually a slideshow, so you can have it cycle through a variety of featured products, best-sellers, or current sales. 

The individual elements in this template are interesting, too. When you hover over product photos, you can set it to scroll to show other images within the gallery. There’s also plenty of opportunities to add supplemental text or highlight current discounts. 

Even with all these elements on the homepage, it’s able to stay focused. There’s no distractions with newsletter signups or mission statements. Everything is geared towards converting your visitors to buy.

Even the Instagram gallery at the bottom is minimal. Thanks to its smaller design, you can actually squeeze more photos in, impressing customers to whom social proof is important. 


  • Chatbot integration
  • Easy sort and filtering
  • Special effects and customization options for product images
  • Heavy product focus
  • Minimal design


  • Unique design requires more website building experience
  • Newsletter signup isn’t included by default

Bottom Line:

This Wix e-commerce design is colorful, but not overpowering. The colors exist to show off your products, not compete with them. However, the template’s unique design requires more knowledge from you as a web designer to prevent it from looking too wonky—so it’s a better fit for store owners who are more advanced when it comes to website building.

Toy Store Wix E-Commerce Template

While the example store with this Wix template is designed for kids, the e-commerce functionality is anything but. The simple design is immediately recognizable to users, allowing them to browse and shop your online store with ease. However, there’s a lot more functionality than meets the eye. 

Instead of a traditional hero, this template gets right to the point, with modular sections that allow you to highlight various products through a slider, include close-up product photos, or advertise ongoing sales.

The whole template focuses on the visuals, showcasing your products while minimizing common sticking points like cost. 

Our favorite part, though, is the footer. This is one of the richest footers we’ve seen, with ample room for you to include links to important product pages and categories, boosting your SEO and making it even easier for shoppers to navigate your online store!


  • Large footer with plenty of room for links
  • Integrated newsletter signup
  • Modular design
  • CTA buttons stand out with bright colors and bold font
  • White space is easy on the eyes


  • No social media gallery in default template
  • Minimal text

Bottom Line:

We love this e-commerce template for its bright, bold approach to the online store layout. No matter what you sell, your products will be the center of attention with this Wix template.

Stationery Online Store Wix E-Commerce Template

This Wix e-commerce template offers a full-color design that keeps your visitors’ eyes engaged and delighted. 

The template is also extremely versatile. In the demo, each image serves as an introduction that, when clicked, takes visitors to a product category page. However, you could easily swap those out with individual products. Thanks to this flexibility, this e-commerce template works well whether you have a massive online store with hundreds of products and multiple categories, or a smaller online boutique with just a few special items.

Another thing that’s fun about this template is how it completely removes pricing from the picture, a common point of friction with online shoppers. You can include it if you want, but the design works as is without pricing, engaging visitors with gorgeous product photography and clever one-liners.


  • Clear, underlined CTA links
  • Dynamic, rich text footer
  • Integrated newsletter signup
  • Modular design
  • Hover effect for images


  • No social media gallery in default template
  • Minimal text

Bottom Line:

This template is perfect for e-commerce site owners who also operate a brick-and-mortar retail location. The footer already includes room for your address and store hours, making it easy for customers to understand when and where they can visit you in person—and buy even more!

However, with its heavy focus on visuals, this template won’t work so well unless you’ve invested in product photography.

Choosing Your Wix E-Commerce Template

When it comes to designing an e-commerce store that drives conversions, it’s all about highlighting your product in a way that gets shoppers excited about buying it—without encouraging them to think about what it costs. All of these Wix templates do just that. 

Plus, with any of these you can make your own tweaks and changes to fully customize the template to match your e-commerce brand. Time to get building—and selling!

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